Steele Creek Charlotte, NC youth athletics and sports. Soccer, softball, baseball and cheerleading. Ages from 3 to 16 years old. SCAA is community athletic since 1958.

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Game #1:  Friday, May 14th   Game #2:  Friday, May 21st   Game #3:  Wednesday, May 26th
Field 1 7U & 10U       Field 1 7U & 10U       Field 1 7U & 10U    
6:00pm Ellison- 19 vs. Wilson7U - 18   6:30pm Wilson7U- 28 vs. Ellison- 42   6:30pm Wilson10U vs. Fox
7:00pm Cureton- 28 vs. Fox- 6   7:30pm Cureton- 28 vs. Wilson10U- 34   7:30pm Ellison vs. Wilson7U
8:00pm Love- 30 vs. Wilson10U - 13   8:30pm Love- 36 vs. Fox- 8   8:30pm Cureton vs. Love
Field 2 11U/14U       Field 2 11U/14U       Field 2 11U/14U    
6:00pm Clyburn- 7 vs. Sweet- 19   6:30pm Clyburn- 34 vs. Jettson- 12   6:30pm Jettson vs. Sweet
7:00pm Angers- 28 vs. Jettson- 6   7:30pm Angers- 30 vs. Sweet- 20   7:30pm Clyburn vs. Angers
Game #4:  Friday, June 4th   Game #5:  Friday, June 11th   Game #6:  Friday, June 18th
Field 1 7U & 10U       Field 1 7U & 10U       Field 1 7U & 10U    
6:30pm Wilson7U vs. Ellison   6:30pm Ellison vs. Wilson7U   6:30pm Cureton vs. Love
7:30pm Love vs. Wilson10U   7:30pm Love vs. Fox   7:30pm Wilson7U vs. Ellison
8:30pm Cureton vs. Fox   8:30pm Cureton vs. Wilson10U   8:30pm Wilson10U vs. Fox
Field 2 11U/14U       Field 2 11U/14U       Field 2 11U/14U    
6:30pm Angers vs. Jettson   6:30pm Angers vs. Sweet   6:30pm Clyburn vs. Angers
7:30pm Clyburn vs. Sweet   7:30pm Clyburn vs. Jettson   7:30pm Jettson vs. Sweet


Playoffs and Championship Double Headers Game Friday, June 25th
Field 1 7U  10U  &11-14U       Field 1 7U & 10U       Field 1      
6:30pm Wilson 10U vs. Cureton Playoff               vs.  
7:30pm 11U-14U Angers  vs. Jeppson Playoff               vs.  
8:30pm Championship7U 10U Wilson vs. Ellison

Championship 7U


9:30  Championship     Championship11U-14U                   
Field 2 11U/14U                        
6:30pm Love  vs. Fox Playoff               vs.  
7:30pm Clyburn vs. Sweet Playoff               vs.