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SCAA Challenge Baseball Structure
Updated Spring 2009
 General Overview
    Challenge Baseball is a program endorsed by the Steele Creek Athletic Association (SCAA) to give the baseball enthusiast more playing time in addition to the regular recreational baseball schedule. This structure is meant to govern all challenge and all other non-Little League baseball teams at SCAA. SCAA challenge teams will compete with other challenge teams throughout the area. Practices are typically scheduled on Sundays and/or Friday evenings, and tournaments are scheduled on Sundays.
1.      Governance - The SCAA Baseball Commission is charged with the responsibility of administering the challenge baseball program.
     a.      The Baseball Commissioner may appoint or recommend an Assistant Commissioner or Coordinator to be the Challenge Baseball Commissioner or Coordinator.
b.      The Baseball Commissioner is the spokesperson and chairperson of the Baseball Commission.
i.                    The Baseball Commission is set up to enforce, guide and make recommendations on baseball related decisions at SCAA.
ii.                  The Baseball Commission shall consist of the Baseball Commissioner, SCAA corporate officers, and any assistant baseball commissioners.
iii.                Any member of the Baseball Commission is expected to excuse himself or herself if a decision is being decided about his or her own or child’s team.
iv.                 The chair and all members of the Baseball Commission may vote on decisions before them.
c.      All decisions of the Baseball Commissioner carry the power of and are subject to the Baseball Commission and subsequently the SCAA Board of Directors.
 2.        Rules – This structure is for SCAA teams and is in addition to any common challenge rules or tournament rules. This structure is subject to modification, addition or deletion at any time by the Baseball Commission.
3.   Fees – Registration fees collected for a challenge team players shall cover the cost of insurance, field maintenance, SCAA approved uniforms, tournament entry fees, umpires, baseballs and materials for home game preparations. 
                                    The collection of fees during registration for challenge teams may be delayed until after the team roster has been selected. For those players that make the team, all fees are then due within 10 days of the last scheduled tryout date. Fees will be paid via the SCAA website. A manager does not have the authority to waive fees or develop payment schedules. If a players family has not paid the full amount of the fee within the allotted time period, that player may be removed from the roster and another player will be chosen from the same tryout to fill the void in the roster. Uniforms will not be ordered until the team roster and all payments in full are in the possession of the SCAA Treasurer.
 4.        Eligibility - In order to be eligible to participate in the Spring, the player’s family must be members of SCAA and the player must register for and be active on a Spring season SCAA baseball team. In order to be eligible to participate in the Fall, the player’s family must remain members of SCAA, and the player must participate and be active on any SCAA fall sports roster. 
 5.        Tryouts - Spring tryouts are open to all children in each age group from ages U7 through U12. 
 a. A flyer will be handed out at spring evaluation informing everyone of the upcoming practices and /or tryouts for the respective age groups.
             b. Parents and children must understand that not everyone will make a team.
c. For challenge baseball, the tryout will be scheduled by the manager of each team after approval from the Baseball Commissioner.
 6. Teams - teams are selected after an open tryout.  
a.      An open tryout as described above in 4a must be held on a seasonal basis in order to evaluate new and/or developing talent. Players on the team the previous season must tryout again. Being a member of a team the previous season does not guarantee a spot on a team. Teams are reselected each season.
b.      Teams usually consist of an 10-12 player roster. Any additions above this must be approved by the Baseball Commissioner.
c.      If enough talent exists in any one age group, a second team may be formed with the approval and/or recommendation of the Baseball Commissioner and Player Agent, and/or the Baseball Commission.
           i.      The number of players trying out is, by itself, not sufficient reason to add a second team.
          ii.      However, if the Baseball Commissioner and the Player Agent, or the Baseball Commission permits two teams, the teams may be set up based upon the individual skills of the players as determined by the coaches, baseball commissioner and/or player agent. For any team under 9, a draft using Little League rules and policies will be held. Any team 9 and over, the coaches, baseball commissioner and/or player agent will form the teams based on skill level; the teams will be set up as A and B teams, and the teams will participate in appropriate tournament divisions.
d.           If a player is to be replaced for any reason during the season, a child who did not participate in the last tryout cannot be placed on the team unless another open tryout is called and made available to all interested children in that age group as described above in 4a. Any child who participated in the last tryout can be added to a team at anytime to fill the roster. This must be done through the Player Agent.
e.       Preseason practices for unformed teams must be open to all children in that specific age group as described above in 4a and must be approved by the Baseball Commission. Inviting a select group of kids without making practices open to all is not permitted.
f.         Preseason practices may not be referred to or associated with the “challenge” program and attendance at these practices is not a guarantee or prerequisite for a place on a challenge team.
7.   Managers and Coaches – Managers and coaches must be members of SCAA.  
a.      Those interested in managing a challenge team will be required to fill out an application provided by the Baseball Commissioner. The Baseball Commission will review all applications. A majority vote by the baseball commission will decide the manager of each team.
b.      Coaches are selected by the manager of each team after the selection of players and must be approved by the Baseball Commissioner.
c.      In the event of a draft in one age group, those interested in becoming assistant coaches are not guaranteed to a specific team. Trades may be made immediately following the draft. The Player Agent must approve trading after the draft.
d.      Managers and coaches will be re-evaluated each year by the baseball commission and must be approved annually to continue as manager or coach. The Baseball Commission reserves the right to not to disclose reasons for rejection or approval of managers or coaches.
e.      The Baseball Commissioner, the Baseball Commission, and/or the Board of Directors reserve the right to remove a manager, a coach, or dissolve an entire team if deemed necessary at anytime.
f.        If a manager decides to leave the team or is removed as the manager, the Baseball Commission will decide a new manager by reviewing previous applications along with any new applications.
g.      If a coach decides to leave the team or is removed as a coach, the manager may choose another coach from within the team with the approval of the Baseball Commissioner.  
  1. Games and Practices - Games and practices, including off-season practices, must be approved by the Baseball Commissioner to avoid conflicts with regular season make-up games and/or scheduled field maintenance and upgrades. Regular Spring and Fall baseball games and practices take precedence over challenge baseball games, tournaments and practices.
  1. Field Maintenance - Just like regular season teams, challenge teams are Required to maintain SCAA fields after each practice and each game including both bullpens and both dugouts. 
10.     Staff - Each team will have one manager and two official coaches that may be in the dugout or on the field during games.
a.       Each team may have as many “unofficial” coaches that the manager chooses.
b.       All staff is subject to the same rules and policies as the manager and official coaches.
c.        An “unofficial” coach may be used in games where an “official” coach or manager is not available.
d.        All on-field coaches MUST complete a background check per SCAA guidelines.
11.   Pitchers  - While Challenge is seperate from the Little League (LL) program and not subject to LL rules, a pitcher's availability for challenge games should take into account their .