Steele Creek Charlotte, NC youth athletics and sports. Soccer, softball, baseball and cheerleading. Ages from 3 to 16 years old. SCAA is community athletic since 1958.

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Coaches Corner

It is a tough job coaching youth sports, as you must devote much time and energy to be successful.  No SCAA coach earns a salary for what we do, but you do get paid. You get paid when you see the girls smile, laugh and become what we hope to be life long friends. You get paid when you see the girls in a public setting and get a hug, a smile, a high five or all of the above.  With great attitudes from the coaching staff, proper instruction, good use of practice times and a fun and inviting atmosphere, winning will come. Let’s not forget that we do what we do…for the girls! No brash attitudes, cursing or belittling of players abilities will be tolerated. You are a role model for these children and reflect heavily on them. SCAA thanks you for your dedication, all that you have done in the past and all that you will do moving forward! THANK YOU!!  

We Are a Team:
The success of SCAA softball depends on the success of our coaches.  As a coach, you have the most contact with your players and the most influence.  Your success is not based on the number of wins you have, but by the number of your players that return to play again.  As coaches we need to support each other.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact another coach or the commissioner.

Mandatory Coaches Meetings:
Each season, prior to player assessments and draft, the SCAA Softball Commissioner will hold a mandatory coaches meeting.  During this meeting, the commissioner will discuss the following: the procedures for assessments; date, time, and procedures of the draft; practices; Char-Meck schedule; and coaches responsibilities.  All coaches are required to attend.

Assessments and Draft:
Prior to each season player assessments will be held, normally on a Saturday morning, but possibly on a weekday evening.  During these assessments, the players will be graded by the coaches during various fielding, throwing, hitting and pitching drills.  Assessments normally take 45 to 60 minutes per age group.  Within a couple days after the assessments, SCAA will hold the player draft.  The SCAA player representative will preside over the draft.

Practices are to be scheduled through the commissioner or assistant commissioner.  Practices are normally scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis, but the scheduler may adjust the schedule to ensure equal practice scheduling for each team.

Coach Responsibilities:
The head coach has many responsibilities to his/her players, parents, and SCAA.  A coach has a responsibility to teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and interpersonal and athletic skills that will stay with the girls for year.  Coaches should prove to be positive role models and to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport.  Additionally, coaches have game-time responsibilities at SCAA, including dragging and lining the field.  For more info, read the game guidelines.

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