Steele Creek Charlotte, NC youth athletics and sports. Soccer, softball, baseball and cheerleading. Ages from 3 to 16 years old. SCAA is community athletic since 1958.

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SCAA Fastpitch Softball Coaches Guide

Game Responsibilities:

  • Drag Field
  • Line Field
  • Provide 1 New and 1 slightly used game balls
  • Lights (Field 1: on post outside the gate in right field.  Field 9: on post outside the outfield fence gap in center field.  Both are marked with field numbers)

Last Game of the Day, Drag the Field:

  • Golf Cart is located in shed on field 1.
    • Sit on seat, place key in switch and turn on.
    • Push on brake to release parking brake.
    • Use switch under seat to select reverse or forward.
    • Use right pedal for speed.
  • Drag is located on back of golf cart. Lift off arms and unroll.
  • The proper way is to remove all bases, using the plugs located in the dugouts for the holes in the field.
  • The best way to level the field is to drag back and forth to fill in holes then start at the 16U pitching rubber dragging in a circle and progressivly working your way out. Stay at least a foot off of the fences to avoid damaging the drag.
  • To avoid creating a burm at the outfield grass do not pull the drag from the infield into the grass.
  • Once finished apply parking break. Roll up drag and place back on arms.
  • Return Golf Cart to shed and follow parking instructions on steering wheel.
  • For quick fixes between games or as an alternative, there are hand-pulled drags in the press box at field 1.

Line the field:

  • Line equipment is located in shed 1.  Blue line box, string, chalk, etc.  Batter’s box template is located behind Back stop fence by the shed.
  • Place the 3 foot x 7 foot long batter’s box template in place, trace inside template for outline with sharp tool (there are some in the sheds).  Remove the template and line with the blue chalking machine. All lines are to the inside of the marks you just scribed in the dirt from the template.
  • Run a string from the back corner of home plate out to the outfield, aligning with the outside edge of first and third bases.  Trace the sting with chalk machine, placing all chalk to the infield side of the line. All lines should be 4 inches for softball.
  • Use the 8 foot loop in the string and scribe a circle with 8 foot radius from the 40 feet pitchers rubber. (This is the next to fartherest pitching rubber from home plate). Trace the circle with chalk machine placing all chalk to the inside of the line.
  • Base coaches and batter’s circles are optional and can be freehanded.