Steele Creek Charlotte, NC youth athletics and sports. Soccer, softball, baseball and cheerleading. Ages from 3 to 16 years old. SCAA is community athletic since 1958.

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SCAA is migrating to a new website. FALL REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN ON THE NEW WEBSITE (only Palisades Cheer is still registering below). Please visit the new website for Fall Baseball, Soccer, and Softball registrations:




Please read through the following below before registering. If you have played the SCAA previously, your information is already in the system. You must log into your existing account. Please check that it is up to date and current. Log into your existing account by going to the upper right corner of your screen and selecting Sign In. Log in using the email address used when you last registered. **If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions to reset it- do not create a new account, as this will cause issues with linked family members and annual fees.

All Sports require that the current year SCAA Family Membership be paid first, if not done so already. If not already done, the player’s parent/legal guardian must register as an adult first by completing the SCAA Annual Family Membership and then move to the sport registration for each child.

Registrations not paid at time of registration will be automatically deleted. Sorry, cash or checks are not accepted. Registration must be completed before tryouts or your child will not be drafted on to a team. 


There will be a minumum $20 late fee for any late registrations posted beyond the last date of regular registration.

You can do multiple registrations at one time and then check out and pay once at the end. Don’t forget to click on the credit card symbol after registering in the sport and complete payment or you will not be fully registered. You are not fully registered until payment has been completed.

Please complete all of the required information fields and also indicate which duties you would be willing to volunteer for with the association. If you have any questions about age determination or sport information please contact the commissioner of that sport.

Many of our sports programs require additional documents to be completed before your child will be allowed to practice or play at SCAA. Most of these documents can be found on the website under the documents tab on the main page.

If you wish to Head Coach or Assist Coach at any sport at SCAA, you are required to complete a background check and participate in the Positive Coaching Alliance program.

Refunds- A full refund will only be available to any registered child up until the time that teams have been drafted‚ or picked. Once teams have been drafted‚ no refunds are available except for medical reasons. All refund requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Treasurer by email or mailed to:

Steele Creek Athletic Association, PO Box 7195‚ Charlotte, NC 28241

All refunds will be processed within 30 days via check and returned to the applying member.


Coaching and Counseling


The Steele Creek Athletic Association (SCAA) Community Counseling Center will offer coaching and counseling.  Sessions are 45 minutes and will cost $45 per session.  Payments can be made through the registration portal, the same way families register for sports.  Click to register and add the necessary information such as name, contact information, and emergency contacts.  Once the process is completed, Dawn Holmes will be notified and contact families to schedule an appointment.  If you are not contacted within 2 business days, please send an email to  In person coaching and counseling, as well as telehealth options are available.   

Coaching vs Counseling

Coaching focuses on creating goals and holding the client accountable for their progress.  This entails structure, encouragement, and support.  Coaches provide an ongoing partnership with their clients that produces fulfilling results in their personal lives.  Through coaching the goal is to assist the client in discovering future success that they can construct themselves after several sessions.  

Counseling is a deeper exploration in a safe and supportive space.  Together we will uncover emotional resolutions and healing solutions.  This is where the client begins to have more clarity about what they want in their life.  Counseling is not a one or two session fix but a long-term commitment.  Dawn suggests 6-8 sessions, once per week and then recommends checking in either every other week or once a month moving forward.  


Base Cost: $45.00

Open to:
born on or after: 09/24/2003