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SCAA uses Little League Baseball International rules and policies to select the baseball teams.

All age divisions except T-Ball are drafted using Little League rules.  The draft is coordinated and run by the Player Agent.  The team manager or his representative may attend the draft; thus, only one representative per team shall attend.  No manager is permitted to discuss the draft or reveal the draft position of a player.  If the manager chooses to do so, eligibility to manage a team could be forfeited

All players, league age 7 through 16, except those already on a SPRING MAJOR LEAGUE team, must attend evaluations to be drafted onto a team.  Any player of these ages who does not attend evaluations loses eligibility to be drafted and will be placed on a team in a random drawing in their appropriate age group.  All managers may trade for players AT THE DRAFT with the approval of the Player Agent.

Only one coach or representative for each team may attend the draft.

Besides the selected team manager / head coach, no player or coach or assistant coach, score keeper, excetera, may be "saved" for a team except the children of the manager / head coach, as provided for in the Little League drafting rules. 

Brothers and/or sisters in the same age division will placed on the same team, unless the Player Agent is notified differently.  This notification shall be in writing and submitted to Player Agent prior to the draft.